NSERC Alliance Grant Option 2 Now Open

NSERC Alliance Grants Option 2 is Now Open

During this initial phase, applications requesting over $30,000 and up to $100,000 per year will be accepted, and the number of applications each applicant (as principal investigator or as co-applicant) may submit will be limited to one within a 12-month period.

Alliance option 2 applications will be evaluated in two stages. Full applications will be submitted to a multidisciplinary and multisectoral selection committee that will assess whether a higher NSERC contribution is justified. The selection committee will meet on a quarterly basis, starting in the Spring. If selected, applications will then proceed to the second step for review of overall merit, similar to option 1. 

For full details about Alliance grants and how to apply, please visit the Alliance webpage and the Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

There is no deadline. Interested applicants should contact their faculty Research Facilitator and visit the ISA website for more details.

In the next few months NSERC will also offer Alliance workshops at universities. Dates and locations to be determined. Please check with ors@sfu.ca for more details.