NSERC I2I Competition

Please see the following message from NSERC regarding the I2I June 2020 Competition: 

Good morning,

We hope all of you, your teams, and families are doing well. As many of you are aware, the I2I March competition was postponed so that the next one available will be on June 22, 2020. We know many of you had projects ready to be submitted for the March deadline and, as we are anticipating good participation for the June deadline, we would like to encourage you to submit your applications as soon as you are ready (if possible ahead of June 22). This would enable us to start the evaluation process early and manage our workload. Note that the evaluation process will be the same, just starting earlier. We are hoping coming back to “normal” for the next cycle.

Please feel free to contact the I2I team if you have any questions.


France Vaillancourt

Manager | Gestionnaire

Research Partnerships | Partenariats de recherche


Any questions, concerns, or issues relating to the I2I grant competition can be sent to ors@sfu.ca for assistance.