CIHR Delay of strategic funding opportunities

In early April, CIHR announced a three-month pause on existing and new strategic funding opportunities (FO), with the exception of FOs related to COVID-19, in order to allow CIHR to focus its efforts on supporting the Government of Canada’s response to the pandemic. Today, I would like to provide you with an update on our progress related to these strategic FOs.

We are now in the later stages of delivering FOs specific to COVID-19; significant efforts are focused on delivering the Spring Project Grant competition this summer and preparing for the Fall Project Grant competition. CIHR recognizes that all aspects of the health research ecosystem are under tremendous stress and we are consulting carefully with Scientific Directors and funding partners (where applicable), to determine a time frame for these strategic FOs to move forward. We know that FO delivery timelines will be staggered as they depend on financial and human resources.

As these discussions take place, we would like to share the following important information:

  • All strategic FOs will remain available on ResearchNet, including all applications that were in progress and submitted, but with a new placeholder date of December 31, 2021 and a statement in the notes section that this date is a placeholder. Please note that CIHR has selected a date well into the future so that it does not have to be revised until the actual dates (which are expected to be earlier) are determined.
  • FOs with application deadlines that have closed, but which have not been peer reviewed, will not be re-opened to accept additional applications. Timelines will be confirmed to finalize these competitions.
  • As competition timelines are confirmed, applicants will be provided with at least two months advance notice to allow them to prepare their applications. Applicants will be able to:
    • work on a previously started application(s);
    • review and edit their previously submitted application(s) prior to resubmitting;
    • withdraw their previously submitted application(s); and
    • start a new application(s).
  • Please note that FOs that do not have a placeholder date of December 31, 2021 will move forward according to posted timelines. New FOs will also be launched (e.g., the Fall 2020 Project Grant competition).