Scialog® Fellow

Scialog (science dialogue) conferences bring together about 50 Fellows (faculty from their first year through soon after tenure) and about 10 Facilitators (senior faculty who guide the discussions) over 3 1/2 days, with the goal of launching innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary projects supported with one-year grants of $50,000 USD per Fellow in each funded term.

To submit a nomination (self-nominations are permitted) as a Fellow, please use the form available at

To recommend a senior faculty to serve as Facilitators, send these names by email to and

Agency website:

Upcoming Deadlines

November 06, 2021November 06, 2021 *
16:00:00 16:00:00 America/Vancouver Application Deadline: Scialog® Fellow Funds collaborative, interdisciplinary projects to collaborate in high-risk discovery research. .
* NOTE: This deadline is an estimate based on previous years, but a confirmed deadline has not yet been published. We will update the deadline when it has been confirmed.