Indigenous Call

Mitacs issued an Indigenous Call with discounted internships. From December 1, 2020 until January 292021 Mitacs will be offering 3:1 matching for both the Accelerate and Business Strategy Initiative (BSI) internships for projects that have an Indigenous partner organization and/or an Indigenous intern.

The intern must self-identify as being Indigenous, or the partner organization is 50% owned or greater by an individual that self-identifies as Indigenous. Not-for-profit organizations are also eligible if their board of directors is composed of at least 50% self-identified Indigenous people, or if the mandate of the organization is Indigenous focused

Accelerate and BSI are both eligible for the Indigenous call. Accelerate proposals can have multiple internships discounted on one application. For BSI is 1IU per proposal. In order to be eligible for another discount, the intern/company needs to submit a new proposal.

Projects are a minimum of four-months in duration – they can be longer – and until January 29, 2021 partner contribution is only 25% of the cost of projects that have an Indigenous partner organization and/or an intern who is Indigenous.  

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