Trebek Council

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the National Geographic Society are excited to launch a new granting initiative that will help ignite a 'passion to preserve' in all Canadians. The initiative is named in honour of Alex Trebek. The late, renowned host of Jeopardy! and philanthropist had a passion for geographic literacy and supported both The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (where he served as Honorary President until his passing) and the National Geographic Society. 

The goal of the Trebek Initiative is to ignite the “passion to preserve” in every Canadian by supporting early career, Canadian explorers, scientists, photographers, geographers and educators. By amplifying this fieldwork through the RCGS and NGS storytelling channels, the Trebek Initiative will bring the untold stories of our natural environment to life. We believe that storytelling has the power to help us preserve our environment — and in fact can help us change the world. The Trebek Initiative will support 15 to 20 grantees annually with grants of $15,000 to $40,000. To support this aspiration, 15 patriotic and passionate Canadian families from all parts of the country have pledged to collectively provide up to $500,000 in annual funding.  
The Trebek Initiative will support grantees in areas such as exploration of Canadian ecozones, scientific research on Canadian wildlife, wilderness or water, photographic expositions on fascinating Canadian geographies or new tools to create a better understanding of our environment. The Initiative also has the flexibility to support outstanding submissions outside of this mandate and is willing to use its grants for matching funding on larger projects.

The Trebek Initiative is moving towards a formal launch of the grant program with the application portal opening in early May. Grant applications will be reviewed and approved by a joint National Geographic/RCGS committee. A website and webinar providing application details and support for grant applicants will also launch in March. 

More information regarding this initiative can be found here: Trebek Initiative (