Process for submitting and receiving external grant and contract funding from non-mainstream, unique funders and opportunities

This message was created to clarify and reinforce SFU processes around the submission and acceptance of external grant and contract funding from unique, non-mainstream opportunities. Not following the proper administrative channels poses a risk of delayed access to the well deserved research funds, thus delaying hiring and purchases essential for meeting project goals and deliverables.

  1. SFU funding application signature sheet

Every application for grants or contracts, including ones submitted directly by the researcher, need to be sent to with a signature sheet signed by the Chair and Dean three business days prior to the external submission. If approvals, eligibility and compliance matters have to be backfilled after the money is already here, it can result in weeks of delays for project spending.

  1. SFU Overhead

All proposals must include 25% indirect costs based on the total direct costs of the proposed research. Not including overhead in the proposed budget leads to less money available for direct research activities or frustration if the funder has to increase the budget after the funding decision was already made.

  1. Award Letters

Some agencies (e.g., CIHR and some private funders) communicate results to applicants directly. In this case, please send your NOA (Notice of Award) to as soon as possible so that your award set up will not be delayed.

Please contact if you have any questions.