2021 Discovery Grant COVID-19 with Funds Extension

Discovery Grants COVID-19 Extension with Funds

Please be advised that Research Services has an important update concerning the Discovery Grants COVID-19 Extension with Funds initiative for this year:

NSERC will provide an extra year of funding to grant holders who received their last instalment in the 2021-2022 fiscal year (April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022). The process will roll out in the same fashion as last year:

  • (Early to mid-June) Research Service will receive a list of eligible awardees for 2022
  • (Early to Mid-June) Eligible awardees will be notified by NSERC that they will receive an automated message for their action/response (same time as Early Career Researcher extension with funds offers)
  • (Mid to late-June) Eligible awardees will be sent an automated message from a Sharepoint site for their action/response
  • (September 15) Deadline for eligible awardees to respond to NSERC’s offer
  • (End of October) Notices of amendments for those that accepted will be posted in GSAP and simultaneously sent to awardees via email

Please note that the Discovery Grants COVID-19 extension with funds is only available to active grant holders one time.

If you have questions regarding whether your Discovery Grant is eligible for this COVID-19 with funds extension, please email ors@sfu.ca for assistance. Kindly refer to the FAQ section for further details and information about this initiative. Please note that this COVID-19 initiative is only for Discovery Grant recipients and is separate from NSERC’s COVID-19 time extension.