Update on NSERC Alliance Post-Awards Reporting Requirements

NSERC continues to streamline its post-award reporting for partnerships programs to reduce the administrative burden on the grantees, the university administrators and the partner organizations.

The following now applies to Alliance grants:

  • NSERC-Research Partnerships no longer requests statements of accounts (Forms 300) on a regular basis from the universities. (NSERC-Finances continues to do so.)
  • The number of progress reports that the grantees and the partner organizations will need to complete has been reduced. A progress report will only be requested at the end of Year 2 and at the end of Year 4, for the release of the 3rd and 5th installments, if applicable.

Grantees will be asked to report on the progress of the project, including:

    • the cash and in-kind contributions received from the partner organization(s), as well as to confirm their continuing commitment to the project, and;
    • the available cash balances for both NSERC and partner(s) accounts.
  • Final reports from grantees and partners will be requested for all grants.
  • A trainee “exit survey” will be sent once a grantee confirms in either the progress or final report that the research trainee is no longer involved in the project.

The grantees and the university administrators remain responsible to inform NSERC of any changes that may affect the grant, including the viability of the Alliance project or the partnership, as outlined in the Terms & Conditions of Award.