NSERC Discovery Horizons Webinar

NSERC will be hosting an English and French webinar session for the new Discovery Horizons program: 

French session: May 26th, 10:00 - 11:30 am (Ottawa time)

English session: May 26th, 12:00 - 1:30 pm (Ottawa time)

A short presentation of the program will precede a Q&A session. 

Furthermore, NSERC would like to share with the community some answers to frequently asked questions: 

1. Can applicants who hold a Discovery Grant or are applying for a Discovery Grant in Fall 2021 submit a LOI to Discovery Horizons?

Yes, researchers holding a Discovery grant or applying for one this year are eligible to apply to Discovery Horizons.

2. Can co-applicants be from non-NSE disciplines (Economics, Sociology …)

As long as the faculty members meet all eligibility requirements they can be from any departments. However, in the Discovery Horizons proposal, they must work towards advancing knowledge in the NSE.

3. Is the proposed work under Discovery Horizons expected to be drastically different from the work proposed for Discovery? Is conceptual overlap allowed as long as there is no budgetary overlap?

Discovery Horizons proposals should be different from Discovery Grants (applied for or held) since the Discovery Horizons applications, due to their broad level of interdisciplinarity with the social sciences or health research are not suitable for the DG program. At the full application stage, applications must indicate that the funds requested from the Discovery Horizons program will be for expenses that are distinct from those covered by support from other sources. For funding applied for, you must indicate that there will be no duplication of funding for the same expense(s) and explain how funds will be used if all applications are successful.

4. Does the application need to have all three components: (1) social sciences and humanities, (2) natural sciences and engineering, and (3) health and wellness?

No, Discovery Horizons applications must be rooted in the NSE and integrate elements from the social sciences and humanities and/or health and wellness.