Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) - LOI

NSERC’s Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program awards grants of up to $1.65M over 6 years for the development of innovative training programs designed to enhance collaboration and facilitate the transition of trainees (master's, doctoral, undergraduate and postdocs) to productive employees in the Canadian workforce. There are three streams: Regular, Industrial and International (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - DFG).

*NOTE for DFG IRTG: Applicants with a successful DFG IRTG pre-proposal are only required to provide the basic information in their LOI as it is used to generate a Form 102.  It is highly recommended that the applicant contact NSERC for further details.

Eligibility: CREATE grants are tenable only at NSERC eligible Canadian universities, and the applicant must hold an eligible position at that university. Researchers at non-eligible organizations may participate as collaborators. Ensure that you consider the eligibility requirements for applicants, co-applicants and collaborators described on NSERC’s Web site under Eligibility Criteria

Internal competition: SFU can submit up to six proposals to the NSERC CREATE Letter of Intent competition. Prospective applicants must submit an internal Letter of Intent to the ISA by noon on February 24, 2021, to be considered in the internal competition. The ISA will support those teams selected to advance to NSERC. Further details are posted on the ISA website.

Information sessions: 

  • ISA information session: Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 3-4 p.m. Registration required via SFU Websurvey.
  • NSERC webinar: Thursday, February 4, 2021, 10:30-11:30 a.m. Event link (no registration necessary).
  • ISA workshop for applicant teams: Week of Mar 8, details TBA

*Please notify and your faculty Research Grant Facilitator as soon as possible if you are interested in this opportunity, to be kept informed about the internal competition, information sessions, and faculty-specific processes and deadlines

NSERC website

No SFU signature sheet is required at LOI stage.


Upcoming Deadlines

May 03, 2021May 03, 2021 Verified Date
February 24, 2021 Feb. 24, 2021 February 24, 2021 16:00:00 February 24, 2021 16:00:00 America/Vancouver Application Deadline: Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) - LOI CREATE supports the training of teams of highly qualified graduate (master's and doctoral) students from Canada and abroad through the development of innovative training programs. SFU is given a quota on the Letters of Intent (LOI) that can be submitted to NSERC. .