Industrial Research Chairs (IRC)

Note: NSERC has implemented the transition of its IRC program. After February 1, 2019, NSERC will accept new applications for external candidates only if they: have already been hired by a university with the specific objective of eing nominated as NSERC IRC candidates; or are in the process of being hired by a university with the specific objective of being nominated as NSERC IRC candidates. A full application must be submitted to NSERC no later than a year after the hiring of the external candidate by the university or by September 2, 2019, or whichever date is first. See for details.

An IRC grant provides funding for the salary of a Chairholder, infrastructure, research tools and instruments, and general expenses related to the Chair’s program of research.

IRCs are intended to assist by: 1) building on existing strengths to achieve the critical mass required for a major research endeavour; 2) increasing research efforts in fields that currently don't exist at the university but for which there is an important industrial need; and 3) providng enhanced training for graduate students and possibly post docs in the realms of research involving industry and potentially commercialization.

Agency website

Special Instructions: See the Agency website for detailed information about the three types of IRCs (Senior, Industrial and Associate IRCs) and their requirements. IRCs are funded jointly by NSERC and industry. Provincial or federal government departments and agencies may also co-sponsor/support an IRC, but only the industrial contributions are taken into account when NSERC determines its funding level.  Grants are for five years, and are renewable. 

ORS: Submit application to ORS one week prior to planned submission date


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