Pilot Innovation Fund

This pilot program aims to fund a diverse set of innovation projects with a credible probability of success. Based on the outcomes of this pilot program, Genome BC will finalize and launch a longer-term Innovation Funding Program in support of its Innovation Strategy.


Genome BC has adapted the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale for innovations involving omics. 

The Pilot Innovation Fund is to advance research innovations from:

  • Proof-of-concept through to prototype development or/and
  • From prototype development through to business development and commercialization

Projects submitted to this pilot program must:

  • Involve innovation in the area of omics or use omics as a means to innovate,
  • Have a TRL of at least 3 at the beginning of the project, based on Genome BC’s scale,
  • Justify how the project will advance the innovation by at least one step along the TRL scale, and indicate a plan for how the next step(s) will be reached beyond the proposed project, and
  • Describe the potential impact of the innovation and how it would be assessed.

Note that Genome BC will only flow funds to a BC-based entity and the funds must be spent in BC.

Available Funding

Genome BC will support between four and six projects through this pilot, depending on a range of projects that are submitted and the merit of the final proposals.

  • Maximum funding available per project is $250,000
  • Maximum project duration is up to 12 months
  • No co-funding is required


The application process will consist of three stages:

Sep 1, 2021      Expression of Interest (EOI) to outline the project and indicate how the project fits the scope of the pilot.

Oct 19, 2021     Pitch to clarify projects.

Nov 17, 2021    Proposal to describe the project in more detail and provide a final research plan and budget.

Please see the WEBSITE for complete details and the Pilot Innovation Fund Guidelines. 

SFU Innovates and the TLO will provide support for the market and industry aspects of the applications. SFU Signature Sheet and the Full Application are due to ORS three business days before the submission deadline. 



Upcoming Deadlines