Sony Research Awards Program

As part of one of the world's most innovative and recognizable brands, we are committed to support university research and innovation in the U.S., Canada, India, and select European countries, while also fostering partnerships with university faculty and researchers. The Sony Research Award Program provides funding for cutting-edge academic research and helps build a collaborative relationship between faculty and Sony researchers.

There are two Sony Research Awards available to apply for: 

Faculty Innovation Award

The Sony Faculty Innovation Award provides up to $100,000 USD in funds to conduct pioneering research in areas such as machine learning, robotics, human sensing and interaction, computer vision, RF sensing, Display Systems, etc. 

Focused Research Award

The Sony Focused Research Award provides an opportunity for university faculty and Sony to conduct collaborative, focused research. The award provides up to $150,000 USD in funds, and may be renewed for subsequent year(s).  


We accept applications from Principal Investigators (PIs) who are full-time professors (adjunct professors are not eligible) or researchers and are eligible to supervise Ph.D. students at a university/educational institution in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Full professors, associate professors, and assistant professors are eligible to apply. 

We accept applications that have a PI and one or more co-PIs for the same proposal. However, only one award is made to the primary PI and the primary PI's university/institution if the proposal is selected. All Co-PIs must meet the same eligibility criteria as that for a PI, and Co-PIs will be required to sign program documents. Co-PIs may be from institutions in different participating countries but over 50% of research expenses must be spent within the country of the PI's institution. 

Deadline: Submissions must be completed by 11:59 pm (PST) on September 15, 2021. 

Website: Sony Group Portal - Sony Research Award Program 

**Please note that both awards are single payments and are inclusive of all associated expenses and fees. This funding is a sponsored research grant that is to be used to conduct the research described in the proposal, and includes any overhead related to this research and any and all other fees or charges needed to carry out the research. Applicants must include SFU's 25% overhead rate in their research budgets for submission to the Sony Research Award Program.** 


Upcoming Deadlines

September 15, 2022September 15, 2022 *
September 10, 2022 Sep. 10, 2022 September 10, 2022 16:00:00 September 10, 2022 16:00:00 America/Vancouver Application Deadline: Sony Research Awards Program Sony Corporation of America is accepting applications for two Research Award Programs: Faculty Innovation Award and Focused Research Award. Proposal submissions are open from July 15, 2021 to September 15, 2021. This Program is intended to foster partnership with university faculty and researchers. It will support university research and innovation in the U.S. and Canada (plus India and select countries in Europe) with awards of up to $150,000 USD per year for each accepted proposal. .
* NOTE: This deadline is an estimate based on previous years, but a confirmed deadline has not yet been published. We will update the deadline when it has been confirmed.