Trudeau Fellowships

2019 marked the beginning of a renewed programming model for the Foundation. While our Fellowship no longer involves a research project as was the case until 2018, Fellows now play a critical role in the leadership development of our doctoral Scholars, empowering them to become the engaged leaders of tomorrow. They act as outstanding public educators, dynamic professors and intellectual guides to Scholars over a three-year program cycle.

Each three-year leadership program cycle is built around a scientific theme, which is chosen because of the critical importance of the questions it raises for the Canadian public. Our scientific theme for the 2020-2023 cycle will be Technology & Ethics, with a particular focus on ethical issues pertaining to biotechnologies and the incorporation of artificial intelligence in the area of health care.

Note: This program is not open for application in 2020. The Foundation recruits Fellows in consultation with their selection committee, who performs the final assessment.

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Upcoming Deadlines

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16:00:00 16:00:00 America/Vancouver Application Deadline: Trudeau Fellowships Fellows are role models who provide intellectual tools that promote both thought and action. .