Request for Research Project Proposals: Calculating the Value of Common Assets and Associated Economic Rents in Canada


Building on examples such as the Vermont Green Tax and Common Assets Project (2008) and the Prosper Institutes report on the Total Resource Rents of Australia (2013), this project will produce calculations of the total value of common assets and the associated economic rents in Canada. These calculations will build a national picture of the total amount of economic rent that is being appropriated by private parties, and could instead be collected for public benefit. This research and analysis will integrate national, provincial and territorial data to complete these calculations and will detail the potential policy mechanism for collecting these rents as a source of public benefit.

UBI Works, with partner organizations, are seeking project proposals from qualified researchers for the completion of calculations and associated analysis that will support the development of a complete picture of the common asset value and economic rents in Canada. Individual researchers, teams, and consulting organizations are welcome to submit proposals. Details on submission and project criteria are provided below.

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Proposal Criteria

All proposals must include the following:

  • Identification of the common asset/economic rent category, or categories, to be analyzed by the project (projects that address either one or multiple common asset/economic rent categories are welcome) - see Appendix A for a list of proposed common asset/economic rent categories
  • Description of the proposed approach to completing the required analysis and calculations, including details on proposed data sources and scope of the analysis (details on the expected outcomes and acceptance criteria provided below)
  • A detailed work plan with proposed targets and timelines for deliverables
  • A clearly articulated budget and/or fee structure with estimated cost for completion of the proposed project
  • Details on the researcher and/or research teams background and experience, including a summary of why you are interested in undertaking this project

Questions on the proposal and criteria may be directed to Ben Earle, General Manager, UBI Works, at

Expected Outcomes Acceptance Criteria

Projects may undertake the analysis and calculation of values for one or more identified common asset/economic rent categories. Projects may be provincial or national in scope. For each identified common asset/economic rent category, the project will provide:

  1. A policy analysis that will examine and evaluate the context of the identified common asset/economic rent being calculated (i.e. what current policies affect the common asset and the collection of associated economic rents).
  2. Rationale for the scope of the analysis (i.e. at the regional, provincial, or national level), including a detailed presentation of data sources that includes source identification, relevant data set assumptions and/or limitations, and justification for inclusion in the analysis and calculation.
  3. A clearly defined and replicable calculation model that details how the common asset value/economic rent available to be captured for public benefit was arrived at, based on a review of existing literature and analysis and relevant policy in Canada.
  4. Clearly articulated common asset value/economic rent calculation, including proposed methods for public collection (e.g. via a land tax, Pigouvian tax, or resource use levy)
  5. Why the identified category should be included in an analysis of common asset values and economic rents in Canada, including relevant commentary on the moral, legal, or other views on why or why not this rent source could be included in the funding of a citizens dividend.


Proposals should be submitted to Ben Earle, General Manager, UBI Works by email at:

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