National Institutes of Health (NIH): Other Support - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

In line with NIH policy notices NOT-OD-21-073 and NOT-OD-21-010, NIH research applicants are required to report current and pending support using updated Other Support format for proposal applications, Just-in-Time requests, and Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs) due on or after January 25, 2022.

As of January 25, 2022, please note that investigators are required to:

  1. electronically sign their respective Other Support form prior to submission with the certification that the statements are true, complete, and accurate; and
  2. submit supporting documentation in relation to funding/research support, including copies of contracts and grants.


SFU Instructions

If you intend to apply to NIH or submit Just-in-Time requests or Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs) within the next three months, please contact Research Services as soon as possible to seek assistance with compiling the list of your agreements and grants to be shared with NIH.

If you decide to compile agreements and contracts without the assistance of Research Services, please send the draft Other Support Form and copies of the applicable agreements to NO LATER THAN 15 BUSINESS DAYS before the submission date.

The Completed and signed Other Support form and Supporting documentation for all Senior/Key Personnel listed on the application/the award letter should be submitted to AT LEAST 5 BUSINESS days prior to the proposal applications, Just-in-Time requests, and Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs) due date.

Immediate notification of undisclosed Other Support. If any Senior/Key Personnel on the project disclose Other Support information outside of Just-in-Time or the RPPR submission, the PI needs to inform SFU immediately upon receiving the information about the disclosure. Please note that SFU is required to submit updated Other Support to the Grants Management Specialist named in the Notice of Award within 30 days as it becomes known.


Who needs to provide Other Support information?

Other Support information is requested from:

  • Program Directors, training faculty, and other individuals involved in the oversight of training grants
  • Individuals categorized as Other Significant Contributors
  • All senior/key personnel, excluding consultants, in progress reports when there has been a change in active other support, except
    • Program Directors, training faculty, and other individuals involved in the oversight of training grants


What information needs to be included in the Other Support format?

Other Support includes all resources made available to a researcher in support of and/or related to all of their research endeavors, regardless of whether or not they have monetary value and regardless of whether they are based at the institution the researcher identifies for the current grant.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Resources and/or financial support from all foreign and domestic entities, that are available to the researcher.  This includes but is not limited to, financial support for laboratory personnel, and provision of high-value materials that are not freely available (e.g., biologics, chemical, model systems, technology, etc.). Institutional resources, such as core facilities or shared equipment that are made broadly available, should not be included in Other Support, but rather listed under Facilities and Other Resources.
  • Consulting agreements, when the PD/PI or other senior/key personnel will be conducting research as part of the consulting activities. Non-research consulting activities are not Other Support.
  • In-kind contributions, e.g. office/laboratory space, equipment, supplies, or employees or students supported by an outside source. If the time commitment or dollar value of the in-kind contribution is not readily ascertainable, the PI must provide reasonable estimates.

Other Support submissions should provide the total award amount, direct and indirect, for the entire project period (e.g. competitive segment for NIH grants), not just the annual budget period. For sub-awards, indicate the total award amount for the subproject only.

Other Support information should only include current and pending resources; past and recently completed support should not be included. The list of pending proposals should include a complete list of proposals submitted to date, i.e. those which have not yet been formally rejected or awarded.

Other support does not include training awards, prizes, or gifts. Gifts are resources provided where there is no expectation of anything (e.g. time, services, specific research activities, money, etc.) in return. An item or service given with the expectation of an associated time commitment is not a gift and is instead an in-kind contribution and must be reported as such.


Supporting documentation

Supporting documentation, which includes copies of contracts, grants or any other agreement specific to senior/key personnel foreign (non-US) appointments and/or employment with a foreign institution for all foreign activities and resources that are reported in Other Support. If the contracts, grants or other agreements are not in English, recipients must provide translated copies. To clarify, SFU researchers are not required to submit copies of their employment agreements with SFU.


Frequently Asked Questions