A life course approach to common NCD risk factor prevention and reduction

The seventh call for applications under the GACD banner focuses on implementation research to reduce the NCD burden by targeting critical life stages and key transitions between life stages.


The GACD seeks to fund collaborative, multidisciplinary and cross-cultural teams. The teams should include appropriate expertise in implementation research. Other eligibility requirements differ for each funding agency, and can be found in the agency-specific information.

While only qualified researchers (as defined by individual agencies) can apply for this funding opportunity, collaboration with stakeholders, such as community and patient groups, local policymakers, public and clinical health professionals, non-governmental organisation leaders and/or others whose organisations or communities might benefit from the research, is a requirement for this call. Non-researchers interested in this call should consult the ‘Partnering with researchers’ section below (found under the ‘Further Information and Resources’ banner).

Research aim and requirements 

Research should aim to improve health equity in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) or among disadvantaged populations in high-income countries (HICs). The specific research setting requirements vary by funding agency. Please see the agency-specific information for details.

All funding agencies refer to the GACD full call text; however, there are key differences among agency application requirements. Agency-specific information is captured in the boxes below. Funding agencies will open their applications on a rolling basis. Once a funding agency has opened their call for applications, an ‘Apply here’ link will appear.

Funding agencies also have different requirements regarding what application materials must be submitted, and for how the application must be submitted. Of note, all funding agencies except for the NIH and EU Commission refer applicants to the common GACD Research Proposal Guidance, which provides support for crafting an excellent research proposal.

Please note that if there are discrepancies between requirements requested from the individual agency to which you are applying and the GACD-wide call text and guidance, you should follow the recommendations of the individual agency. 

Unless otherwise noted, the application deadline is on 31 May 2022 at 11:59pm UTC.


A webinar to provide guidance on applying for this call will be held in two identical sessions on February 7, 2022 from 8-9am GMT and again at 4-5pm GMT. Register for the webinar here. Live translation will be available in 21 languages through the wordly app (Instructions for using this will be provided during the webinar). If you have trouble registering for the webinar, please contact a.chase@gacd.org.

For more information: https://www.gacd.org/funding/current-call-for-applications/common-risk-factors