VPR Travel Grants, Social Sciences/Humanities - Pool1 & Pool 2

April 2022 - Pool 1 
Pool 1 [April 1 through August 31]- As per SFU’s Interim International Travel Policy, eligible applicants must follow specific steps before submitting the final application to ORS. Please refer to Risk and Safety webpage for more details.
VPR Research Travel Grants are provided for faculty in areas supported by SSHRC to attend North American (max. $900) and international (max. $2,000) conferences to present a paper (including poster presentation), to serve as a keynote speaker or in the case of faculty in the School for the Contemporary Arts, to present one’s own creative work to a peer group. There are two intakes (i.e., Pool 1 and Pool 2) annually.
Eligibility: Faculty members are considered eligible to apply for one conference every second fiscal year. Applications from "special case" applicants will be considered towards the end of the fiscal year. In the case of joint authorship, only one presenter will be funded. For more information on eligibility, please see the guidelines below.
  • POOL 1 (travel beginning April 01-August 31): Applications will be accepted from April 01 - August 31 or when funds exhausted
  • POOL 2 (travel beginning September 01-March 31): Applications will be accepted from September 01 - March 31 or when funds exhausted


Application guidelines and forms

Please note that funds are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The grants will remain open until funds are exhausted. Please submit your application to Research Services (ors@sfu.ca).