Civic Innovation Lab - Building Safer Communities

Opportunity: The City of Burnaby anticipates receiving funding from the federal Building Safer Communities Fund in 2023. This funding will be used by City staff in developing community-based prevention and intervention strategies, and evaluating existing strategies, to reduce and prevent gun and gang activities. The City, through the City Innovation Lab, wishes to partner with SFU researchers in pursuit of the above aims. To that end, the Civic Innovation Lab invites expressions of interest from researchers with expertise to support City staff in the following:

  • Development of an evidence-based strategy for the reduction of gun and gang violence,
  • Development of prevention intervention initiatives addressing risk factors associated with gun and gang violence,
  • Development of an evaluation framework to support data gathering/reporting on gun and gang crime or on results achieved,
  • Development of knowledge to fill gaps at the community level and sharing of information and/or best practices related to prevention of gun and gang violence,
  • Outreach and recruitment of preventative initiatives or intervention participants,
  • Delivery of prevention intervention initiatives addressing risk factors associated with gun and gang violence,
  • Provide input into the development of a plan to sustain successful preventative initiatives or intervention activities, or
  • Identification and/or exploration of other evidence-based prevention and intervention initiatives

Note: Expressions of interest do not need to address all the above deliverables.

Application: Interested researchers are invited to submit an expression of interest (using the form below) outlining your interest and capacity to undertake the above work, including a brief outline of a recommended process/approach (including key inputs required) to undertake the subject research. Please include links to relevant publications or research.  Expressions of interest will be reviewed by staff at the Civic Innovation Lab and the City of Burnaby. Successful applicants will be invited to submit a detailed proposal. The application deadline is January 20, 2023.

Eligibility: All continuing faculty members (including research and teaching faculty) are eligible to submit an expression of interest.

Instructions: Please complete the expression of interest form below and send to Abdul Zahir (, Research Project Manager, Civic Innovation Lab.

Deadline: January 20, 2023

We are open to receiving expressions of interest in different ways – feel free to submit your interest in another format which captures the information requested below.

Any questions or feedback about this process are warmly welcomed and can be directed to Abdul.

Applicant information









Research area(s)



Project information (3 pages max.)

Project title

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Names of SFU co-investigators

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Please outline your interest in the area of need. If you have any related research projects or publications, please include a summary here, along with any links.


Proposed project scope

Please provide a brief summary of your proposed approach to the stated scope of work (or components of the stated scope of work), including key milestones and deliverables.



Proposed project plan

Please provide a brief summary of project activities, methodology, and timeline.



Please list any key inputs you may need from the City of Burnaby (e.g., access to data, community meeting spaces, etc.).


Proposed project budget

Please provide a brief rundown of anticipated budget items and costs, including 25% for overhead.



Please identify any new or existing partnerships you might have that you intend to leverage for this project; indicate whether the relationship is prospective or confirmed.



Identify how your proposed approach addresses issues of equity, intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion.


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