Dorothy Killam Research Fellowships

The Killam Research Fellowships are release time awards that provide support to scholars of exceptional ability who are engaged in research projects of broad significance and widespread interest within the disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, engineering, or studies linking any of these disciplines.

These fellowships are for early to mid-career scholars (faculty), typically no more than 15 years past completion of a PhD.

Value and Duration

The Dorothy Killam Fellowships are valued at $80,000 CAD per year for a total of up to $160,000 for 2 year


To be considered eligible, you: 

  • must be a faculty member living and working in Canada at a Canadian institution(s) in the early-to-mid stage in their career (typically no more than 15 years since the completion of a PhD),
  • must be employed by a university or other research institute for the duration of the fellowship (2 years) and will submit a proof of employment, and 
  • may not have already been awarded a fellowship from the Killam Program of the Canada Council for the Arts

How to apply

Complete your fellowship application package. The Dorothy Killam Fellowship application package can be found here: Details · National Killam Program Portal (

Submit your application package to the National Killam Program - National Research Council Canada online portal by  23:59 (applicant’s local time).

***As this Fellowship involves release time, you must seek approval from your School Director/Department Chair in order to apply. Recipients must also obtain support for research and laboratory costs from other sources.

Troubleshooting: if there are any issues with the application site or the Common CV, applicants should email as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact or refer to the National Killam Program - National Research Council Canada website.

*Signature sheet  and application due to ORS no later than 3 business days in advance of agency deadline. Overhead is 0%. Budget should be listed under RTS (release time stipend).

Upcoming Deadlines

June 16, 2024June 16, 2024 *
June 13, 2024 Jun. 13, 2024 June 13, 2024 16:00:00 June 13, 2024 16:00:00 America/Vancouver Application Deadline: Dorothy Killam Research Fellowships Release time awards for active Canadian scholars who have made a significant and remarkable contribution to their respective fields in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences or engineering. .
* NOTE: This deadline is an estimate based on previous years, but a confirmed deadline has not yet been published. We will update the deadline when it has been confirmed.