Discovery Grants

The DG Program supports ongoing programs of research to advance knowledge in the natural sciences and engineering through long-term goals rather than a single short-term project or collection of projects. The aim of this funding opportunity is to: 
  • promote and maintain a diversified base of high-quality research capability in the natural sciences and engineering in Canadian universities;
  • foster research excellence; and
  • provide a stimulating environment for research training.

Eligibility: Applicants to the Discovery Grants Program must present a program of research that is eligible under NSERC’s mandate, which is to promote and assist research in the natural sciences and engineering, other than health. Applicants must hold an independent academic position.


Key Deadlines:
Notice of Intent (NOI) deadline: August 1- mandatory
Application deadline: November 1


NSERC website

*SFU signature sheet is not required at the NOI stage. Applicants (not ORS) submit NOIs directly to agency.
When submitting full application: SFU signature sheet due to and application in "submit mode" no later than 3 business days before agency deadline.


Upcoming Deadlines

November 02, 2020November 02, 2020 Verified Date
October 28, 2020 Oct. 28, 2020 October 28, 2020 16:00:00 October 28, 2020 16:00:00 America/Vancouver Application Deadline: Discovery Grants The Discovery Grants Program supports ongoing programs of NSE research with long-term goals. .