Partnership Development Grants (PDG)

Partnership Development Grants (PDG) provide $75,000 to $200,000 over one to three years to formal partnerships, led by a project director.  New or existing partnerships may be between  one or more academic institutions, and also one or more non-academic partner organizations. Partner organizations must provide evidence attesting to the commitment (e.g., cash and/or in-kind) that has been agreed upon.

Eligibility: Applicants / project directors (except postdoctoral researchers and students) must be affiliated with an eligible Canadian postsecondary institution at the time of application. *Postdoctoral researchers are eligible to be applicants if they have formally established an affiliation with an eligible institution within five months of the grant start date, and maintain such an affiliation for the duration of the grant period.


Date: Monday, SEP 30, 7am-9am PST (English)
Date: Tuesday, OCT 1, 11am-1pm PST (English)
Date: Monday, SEP 30, 11am-1pm PST (French)
Date: Wednesday, OCT 2, 7am-9am PST (French)
*SFU Signature Sheet due to, and application in "submit mode" no later than 3 business days before agency deadline

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