Civil Society Organizations and Academia: Improving our Collaborations for Better Development Outcomes

You have received some emails about the NextGen database, the searchable database of Canadian researchers working with Civil Society Organizations in BC or in Canada on international development and humanitarian assistance. The database, which already profiled more than 500 researchers affiliated to over 80 Canadian organizations/academic institutions, is available to the public to help identify potential new collaborators (and collaborations).

I would like to invite you to an informal conversation with Andreanne Martel from the Canadian Council for International Cooperation who has been working on the database (see details below).

Date: Wednesday, November 1 at 11:00 - 12:00pm

Place: Boardroom 2106, Strand Hall, Burnaby Campus

If you are unavailable to attend in person but would like to join the conversation, please let me know and I will provide you with the conference call number.

Civil Society Organizations and Academia: Improving our Collaborations for Better Development Outcomes

How could we improve our collaborations for better development outcomes? Different timelines, different ideas of what constitutes research, and different research and policy interests present challenges and opportunities for building strong collaborations between the academic community and civil society organizations in Canada. As we are entering a new stage of global cooperation, characterized by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we will require greater collaboration than ever between sectors, as well as between individual development practitioners and researchers.

CCIC, in partnership with the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID), started in January 2017 a new program entitled ‘Next Generation: Collaboration for Development’. This program is looking to foster the conditions for enhanced and sustained collaboration between Canadian civil society and academia. Drawing on the findings of a pan-Canadian survey sent to CCIC and CASID members a few months ago and on their latest report Improving our Collaborations for Better Development Outcomes, Andréanne would like to discuss these issues with researchers and faculty members at SFU to learn from your experiences related to collaboration with CSOs.