Early Phase Clinical Trials

Neurodegenerative diseases of aging are among the least understood and most undertreated diseases today. If ignored, the social and economic costs of managing these diseases will continue to rise. Meeting these challenges requires pioneering approaches to accelerating treatments.

The Early Phase Clinical Trials: Canada program was created to provide funding support for clinical trials and clinical trial sub-studies that have excellent preliminary data.

The program will be run on a rolling basis. Applicants may submit an LOI at any time and will be notified of whether to prepare a full Proposal within ~2 months of LOI submission.

Eligible Principal Applicants must meet all of the criteria below:

  • Be a researcher currently working in Canada at least 30% of the time.
  • Be at or above the level of Assistant Professor or equivalent.
  • Be affiliated with a Canada Revenue Agency-qualified donee institution located in Canada.

Co-applicants and Collaborators must be at the post-doctoral level or above, and can be working outside Canada.

Funding: A maximum of $1,500,000 per project over up to 4 years. If you are requesting a budget between $1.5 to $2 million per project, please contact Cristina Tang (cristina.tang@westonbrain.org) prior to applying.



No SFU signature sheet required at LOI phase.
If invited to submit full application, SFU signature sheet, copy of full application (and any application signature page if required) are due to ors@sfu.ca no later than 3 business days before agency deadline. Overhead is 0%. Applicants (not ORS) submit directly to agency.

Reminder: Based on the revision of Postdoctoral fellow (PDF) policy (R50.03), please continue to include 14% of PDF benefit in all your proposal budgets.

Upcoming Deadlines