Team Grant: NEURON 2018 (Pre-proposal)

The Canadian Institute of Health Research is pleased to be part of a joint funding call with the Network of European Funding for Neuroscience Research (NEURON). ERA-NET NEURON coordinates research efforts and funding programs of European and partner countries in the field of disease-related neuroscience. NEURON funding organizations particularly wish to promote multi-disciplinary work and translational research proposals that combine basic and clinical approaches. The aim of this call is to support multinational, collaborative research projects that will address important questions related to mental health and mental disorders across the entire lifespan. These include:

  • Fundamental research on the pathogenesis, aetiology and resilience mechanisms of mental dis-orders. This may include the development of innovative or shared resources and technologies. The relevance of the research to disease must be clearly indicated
  • Clinical research to develop novel strategies for prevention, (early) diagnosis, patient stratification, therapy, and/or rehabilitation procedures for mental disorders

*Research on dementia is excluded from the present call. For more information please consult the ERA-NET NEURON website.


Pre-proposal is due on March 8, 2018, 14:00 CET (only need to submit to Era-net Neuron)

Full application is due on June 26, 2018, 14:00 CET (submit applications to BOTH ResearchNet and to Era-net Neuron)



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