Knowledge Synthesis Grants: Understanding the future of Canada-UK trade relationships

SSHRC in partnership with the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in the United Kingdom has launched a dedicated Knowledge Synthesis Grants (KSG) competition. This competition fosters international collaborations to synthesize new knowledge on how future trading relationship between Canada and the UK could maximize the benefits to both countries. The new knowledge can help define potential areas in which both countries could play a vital leadership role.

The purpose is to support research teams to produce knowledge syntheses and scoping reviews that 1) support the use of evidence in decision-making, and the application of best practices, and 2) assist in developing future research agendas.

Key areas of interest:  Trade relationships, governance, prosperity and sustainability, trade barriers, and technological and digital transformations.

Eligibility: Applications must include two applicants (principal investigators), with one of these based in Canada and one in the UK. Please refer to agency website for more details.


*Signature sheet and copy of full application due to ORS 3 business days in advance of deadline.

Upcoming Deadlines