Team Grant : Nutrition and the Epigenome

CIHR and funding partners in the Joint Programme Initiative Healthy Diet for Healthy Life (JPI HDHL) have launched a funding call to support transnational, collaborative research projects to gain a better understanding of the diet-epigenome relationships and their effect on human health.

Key areas of interest include: 

  • Establishing cause-and-effect relationships between diet, the epigenome and metabolic health
  • Identifying risk factors and early stage epigenetic changes
  • Epigenetic effects across the lifespan and inter (and potentially trans) generational epigenetic effects
  • Investigation of modifiable factors that could be involved in epigenetic regulation
  • The effect of diet and nutritional status on the intra-uterine environment


Eligibility: Nominated Principal Applicant must be an independent researcher.  The proposal must be multidisciplinary, must cover multiple mechanistic and translational approaches, must take into account possible impact of age, sex, gender and ethnic differences, and must include a data management strategy.

*Note- separate applications must be submitted via CIHR ResearchNet and to the Joint Call Secretariat by submission deadline.



*Signature sheet and copy of full application due to ORS 3 business days in advance of deadline.


Upcoming Deadlines