Team Grant : Canada-EU Data flagship collaboration

The goal of this funding opportunity is to build a collaboration of stakeholders in Europe and Canada to create a framework for long-term cooperation in the area of storing repositories and sharing human –omics data. The purpose is to enhance and standardize data deposition, curation and exchange procedures thus ensuring better data reuse and increased benefit to the scientific communities worldwide.

Key areas of interest: Data models, data interoperability and integration, -omics repositories, biobanks, registries, sex and gender considerations, data tools to harvest, access and transfer data, bioinformatics toolbox, data management and ethics, data sharing, health IT solutions, open science, health research and innovation cloud

Eligibility: Nominated Principal Applicant must be an independent researcher at an eligible Canadian institution.

Partnering Resource: In order to assist the establishment of international, collaborative teams, CIHR encourages the use of the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) Partnering Tool. 


*Signature sheet and copy of full application due to ORS 3 business days in advance of deadline.

*must submit applications to BOTH CIHR (Researchnet) and the European Commission

Upcoming Deadlines