Team Grant : ERA-Net PerMed (Research Projects on Personalized Medicine – Smart Combination of Pre-clinical and Clinical Research with Data and ICT Solutions)- Pre-Proposal

CIHR in partnership with the European Commission has launched the first call for proposals to support transnational interdisciplinary projects that show clinical feasibility of Personalized Medicine in complex/multifactorial diseases as well as other diseases (as monogenic, rare diseases and cancer).

The purpose is to foster transnational collaborations to combine bioinformatics tools with pre-clinical and/or clinical research to enhance the quality of research data and their applicability to health care providers. Proposals must demonstrate added value of transnational collaborations.

Key areas of interest: sharing of resources (registries, diagnosis, biobanks, models, databases, diagnostic and bio-informatics tools, etc.), platforms/infrastructures, interoperability of data harmonization strategies and sharing of specific know-how.

Eligibility: Joint research proposals may be submitted by applicants belonging to academia, clinical/public health sector, or industry, if eligible according to CIHR. To confirm eligibility, please contact

Submission of pre-proposals: April 10th, 2018
Submission of invited full-proposals: July 5th, 2018


Webinar: The applicant webinar has been recorded and now available

*no signature sheet needed a pre-proposal stage

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