MSFHR Reach Competition

The MSFHR Reach Program provides funding to help teams of health researchers and research users to co-develop events, activities, and/or tools to share research findings and disseminate research evidence beyond the normal researcher peer group to reach audiences who can directly use the knowledge.
Key Areas: support teams of health researcher and research users, implement dissemination activities, adapting messages to reach audience, knowledge mobilization
Eligibility: minimum one researcher, one researcher user co-leads, and one BC research/health professional trainee. Principal applicant and co-lead must be based in BC and affiliated with eligible BC university or research institute.
*SFU signature sheet due to ORS and application in submit mode no later than 3 business days before agency deadlineOverhead is 0%.

Interested applicants contact SFU’s Knowledge Mobilization Officer for support with developing and articulating the knowledge mobilization components of this grant.

Upcoming Deadlines

September 28, 2020September 28, 2020 Verified Date
16:00:00 16:00:00 America/Vancouver Application Deadline: MSFHR Reach Competition The MSFHR Reach Program provides funding to support the dissemination and uptake of research evidence to inform and improve further research, practice and policy-making. .