Upcoming Major Deadlines and Funding Opportunities, May-June 2018

There are major grant deadlines in the next few weeks for Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP), Killam Research Fellowships, MSFHR Reach, NSERC Strategic Partnership Grant for Projects (SPG-P), Killam Prizes, SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants, William and Ada Steele Research Fund competition (internal), and SSHRC Small (internal). 

Upcoming funding program launches and opportunities are also available in the following areas: 
Genomics solutions for agriculture, agrifood, fisheries and aquaculture, genetics of rare diseases, microbiota in chronic diseases and aging, political science, brain health, security and defense, military-related health research, education, environmental studies, HIV research, tobacco/drug and alcohol abuse prevention, sex/gender differences in substance abuse, e-health solutions for assisted living, breast cancer research, myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), neuromuscular diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.


Major Competitions


Deadline: May 15, 2018
Maximum Award: $70,000 CAD
Awarded to active Canadian scholars who have made a significant and remarkable contribution to their respective fields in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences or engineering.
LOI Deadline: May 29, 2018
Full Application Deadline: Oct 30, 2018
Supports interdisciplinary collaborations between natural sciences, engineering and health sciences communities to translate innovative research results to knowledge/technology users. There is a special funding call in 2018 on Artificial Intelligence, Health and Society.
Deadline: May 30, 2018
Maximum Award: $10,000 CAD
The MSFHR Reach Program provides funding to support the dissemination and uptake of research evidence to inform and improve further research, practice and policy-making.
Deadline: June 07, 2018
Maximum Award: $750,000 CAD
The goal is to increase research and training in targeted areas. Developed to fund early-stage project research and must include a partnership between academic researchers and industry or government organizations.
Deadline: June 15, 2018
Maximum Award: $100,000 CAD
Awarded to active (not retired) Canadian scholars who have made a substantial and significant contribution over a significant period to scholarly research.
Deadline: June 15, 2018
Maximum Award: $25,000 CAD
The small-scale, stakeholder-driven partnerships supported through the Partnership Engage Grants are meant to respond to immediate needs and time constraints facing organizations in non-academic sectors. There are 4 application deadlines throughout the year (Mar 15, Jun 15, Sept 15, and Dec 15). The grants are valued at $7,000 to $25,000 over one year.

SFU Internal Competitions


Deadline: May 18, 2018
The William and Ada Isabelle Steel Fund reflects the intent of the endowment left by William and Ada Isabelle Steel for research studies into any aspect of alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Submissions are accepted April 18th until May 18th, 4:30 pm (PST).
Deadline: June 01, 2018
Maximum Award: $7,000 CAD
SSHRC Institutional Grants/SFU Grants support scholarly research in the contemporary arts, humanities and social sciences for expenses up to a maximum of $7,000. A lead applicant, together with one or more eligible co-applicants may apply in a single application for up to $10,000.

Upcoming Program Launch- Genome Canada LSARP 2018

Genome Canada is pleased to advise the research community of an upcoming funding opportunity – the 2018 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition: Genomics Solutions for Agriculture, Agri-food, Fisheries and Aquaculture. This Competition is anticipated to be formally launched in June 2018 with detailed guidelines and application forms available at that time.


Rare Diseases, Chronic Diseases and Aging


CIHR has 2 new funding opportunities to support international research collaborations between Clinical Geneticists and Model Organism Researchers to study rare diseases, and NIH has a funding opportunity supporting research to understand the role of microbiome in health and chronic disease during aging. 
Deadline: May 15, 2018
Maximum Award: $420,000 CAD

Political Science


Gerda Henkel Sifting (Germany) has a special program aimed at researchers who are examining the emergence of political movements in the Islamic world at the national and/or transnational level. Areas supported include historical studies religious, cultural or political science
Deadline: May 16, 2018

Neuroscience and Brain Health


The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), Craig H. Neilson Foundation, and American Psychology Foundation have funding opportunities to support research collaborations with clinicians, knowledge translation, psychosocial impact of spinal cord injury, neuropsychology, intelligence and cognition
Deadline: May 18, 2018
Maximum Award: $500,000 CAD
LOI Deadline: May 31, 2018
Maximum Award: $400,000 USD
Deadline: June 15, 2018
Maximum Award: $25,000 CAD

Defence, Security, and Military Related Health Research


Department of National Defence and North Atlantic Treaty Organization have funding opportunities to support collaborations, and research projects to resolve defence and security challenges. The Department of Defense (US) is also seeking to fund innovative military health-related research projects of that will provide new insights, paradigms, technologies or applications.
Deadline: May 24, 2018 *Extended to June 7, 2018 (internal June 4)
Deadline: June 01, 2018
2018 Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program- Discovery Award (Department of Defense, US) 
Pre-Application Deadline: June 14, 2018
Application Deadline: June 28, 2018



The Federation of Canadian Municipalities offers Transition 2050 grants for not-for-profit organizations to find ways to reach significant carbon emission reduction targets through training, peer-learning, knowledge resources and support implementation activities.



E-Health Solutions for Assisted Living


CIHR has a new funding opportunity to support research to develop e-health solutions for active and assisted living
Deadline: May 28, 2018
Maximum Award: $353,000 CAD

Breast Cancer Research 


Applications to the Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP) are being solicited for the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to support research projects that will address the urgency of ending breast cancer. 

Innovator Award, Breakthrough Award Level 3 and 4, and Distinguished Investigator Pre-application Deadline: May 15, 2018
Era of Hope Scholar Award, Breakthrough Award Level 1 and 2, and Breakthrough Fellowship Award Pre-application Deadline: May 16, 2018
Era of Hope Scholar Award, Breakthrough Award Level 1 and 2, and Breakthrough Fellowship Award Full Application deadline: May 30, 2018




Canadian Education Association (CEA) has an early career research funding opportunity in the area of Canada’s public education.
Deadline: May 31, 2018
Builds visibility for researchers who have the potential to transform Canadian public education

HIV Research


NIH has upcoming funding opportunities in the area of HIV prevention in adolescent and young adults, HIV/AIDS related comorbidities related to metabolism, digestive and kidney function, and oral health.
Deadline: June 05, 2018

Substance Abuse Prevention- Health Services, Economics, Sex/Gender Differences


NIH has funding opportunities to support rigorous health services and economic research to maximize the delivery of efficient, high-quality drug, tobacco, and alcohol prevention, treatment, and recovery support services, and to understand sex/gender differences in substance abuse.


Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Muscular Dystrophy & Neuromuscular Diseases


CIHR in partnership with NIH has launched a new funding opportunity to support establishment of collaborative research centres focused on researching new causes and  treatments for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Muscular Dystrophy Association (US) has funding opportunities to accelerate research progress in the areas of neuromuscular diseases.

Team Grant: ME/CFS Collaborative Project (CIHR/NIH)
Deadline: June 06, 2018
Maximum Award: $1,400,000 CAD
Deadline: June 15, 2018
Maximum Award: $100,000 USD
Deadline: June 15, 2018
Maximum Award: $60,000 USD

Cardiovascular Diseases

CIHR and European funding partners have funding call to support international collaboration and establishment of new consortia in cardiovascular disease (CVD) research.
Deadline: June 15, 2018
Maximum Award: $292,500 CAD