Funding Geoengineering Research

World Climate Change Challenge (WCCC) "Funding Geoengineering Research" is soliciting research proposals from academic researchers in the area of Geoengineering & Near Term Anthropogenic Climate Change Mitigation Research. 
The Alliance secretariat will be sending out promotional materials for all Geoengineering Research Projects submissions in the August-September time-frame to Alliance Industry Members for Funding Consideration. As it takes approximately 4 weeks to compile a ‘Research Project Brief’ on each new research project, if your research teams wish to be included in this industry promotional round, please consider submitting your research project proposals as soon as possible. 
*Note: There is no specific deadline for this call. 



University and Private Research Centres initially need to register their intent to participate in the Alliance Research Funding Project by registering as an University or Private Research Centre Alliance Member. Once a member, Research Centres can submit as many relevant proposals as the wish, which are seeking further funding.

*Please check with your department regarding Alliance Membership.




*Your department must have Alliance Membership in order for you to apply. SFU signature sheet and copy of your research project proposal are due to 3 business days before you register with agency. Please refer to website for submission instructions.

Upcoming Deadlines