Strategic Opportunity, please register your expertise to be considered for future funding by the BC Ministry of Health!

BC Ministry of Health Funded Research Process RFQHL059

In Putting our minds together: Research & Knowledge Management Strategy, the BC Ministry of Health is soliciting input from researchers for the integration of research evidence into policy and decision making!

Researchers must apply through the BC Bid (instructions) to be considered as Qualified Suppliers. If and when needed, Qualified Suppliers will be asked to either directly participate in - or to compete for the opportunity to enter into - funded multi-year research agreements.

The Initial Intake Response Deadline is November 15, 2018 for this RFQ (Request for Qualifications). For subsequent Responses for inclusion to the List of Qualified Suppliers, this solicitation is open for Responses until December 31, 2021.

The Solicitation Number is RFQHL059.

Experience in the following Service Areas will be evaluated through the RFQ:
1. Primary and Community Care
2. Wait Time Reduction
3. Seniors Care
4. Pharmaceutical Services
5. Mental Health and Addictions
6. Maternal and child health care
7. Cultural safety, diversity and inclusion
8. Population and Public Health
9. Other related disciplines

To view RFQ: Please go to BCBid website and search RFQHL059.

To register: Submit applications electronically to: Please Include the following in the subject line: “RFQHL059” Health Services Policy Research Consultants”