Cardiac Arrhythmia Network (CANet) funding opportunities

The CANet (Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada) has launched a number of upcoming research funding competitions in the area of arrhythmia research. 

*Note: These competitions are open to all CANet Network Investigators or those applying to become CANet Network Investigators. Please contact Kevin O’Neil ( for more information on the Network Investigator Membership process.


Upcoming deadlines include:

Seed Grant
Deadline: December 14, 2018
The purpose of the SEED grant is to provide funding for pilot studies in arrhythmia research to gain preliminary results which can strengthen applications for CANet’s larger grants such as the Strategic Research Grant.

Major Industry-Partnered Research
Deadline: January 14, 2019
Designed to support industry-partnered research projects that are aligned with the Network’s strategic priorities in the areas of arrhythmia research

Strategic Research Grant
Deadline: January 14, 2019
To support small and large scale multidisciplinary multi-sectoral research projects in the areas of arrhythmia research.

Commercialization Grant
Deadline: January 14, 2019
To accelerate the development of promising technology for arrhythmia-related applications that originate from the university/college sector, and to promote its transfer into the Canadian healthcare environment.

Social Sciences Grant
Deadline: January 14, 2019
Funding to support the examination of new approaches to research critical to the transformation of arrhythmia care practices in Canada.