Studies in NSE Research in Canada

NSERC is open to considering requests to support research, including original analyses and meta-analyses, on the state of NSE research and the NSE research ecosystem in Canada that may inform future directions of research and research support.

NSERC is interested in supporting well-defined research projects and unique analyses that offer insight into the NSE research ecosystem in Canada, particularly related to:

  • Research community (equity, diversity and inclusion; early career researchers; career pathways)
  • Research approaches (project teams, partnerships, international collaboration)
  • Research areas (interdisciplinary research; emerging scientific areas)
  • Measuring impact of research (alternative productivity indicators; peer review in NSE)
  • Full costs of conducting research across disciplines, including types of costs incurred (material vs. equipment; use of infrastructure; HQP salaries/stipends)

With the exception of the last subject, research or analyses pertaining to select NSE disciplines are acceptable. Grants may be valued up to $100K and are for one year only; no extensions are possible. Projects must be complete and the results made public by March 2020.

Applications will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Merit of the proposed research project: The project must be scientifically sound, feasible, and promise to lead to new/unique information/trends/insight into the state of NSE research in Canada. Data sources must be clearly identified and readily accessible. The project plan must be appropriate, sufficiently detailed and reasonable, with planned dissemination of results by March 2020.
  • Potential for impact: The proposal must identify how the results can be used to the benefit of the NSE research community/communities. Possible users of the results should be identified and, if applicable, plans to share/disseminate results to them should be included.
  • Experience and expertise: The individual/group/team must have all the experience and expertise required to meet the objectives competently and to complete the project successfully and on-time.
  • Budget: The need for requested funds will be assessed.

There are no application forms. Interested parties should submit a brief proposal (maximum 5 pages), including a description of the project (including main challenges, activities, and anticipated outcomes), the project timeline (including plans for dissemination/publication), the research team (including HQP, if applicable), and a proposed budget.

Interested parties may submit their ideas and proposals by replying to the email address below.
Deadline: January 31, 2019


SFU signature sheet and copy of full application are due to no later than 3 business days before agency deadline. Overhead is 0%. Applicant (not ORS) submits application directly to agency.

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