Afghan Civil Society and Media Self Reliance

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is issuing this Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) to seek opportunities to co-create, co-design, co-invest, and collaborate in the research and development, piloting, testing, and scaling of new, innovative and realistic interventions to advance Afghan civil society and media’s effectiveness and self-reliance.
The intent of the BAA is to allow co-creation, co-design, co-investment and collaboration to the maximum extent to create high quality, effective partnerships and to pilot new and innovative ways of addressing civil society and media challenges. USAID will invite selected for-profit and non-profit, public and private organizations, as detailed below, to co-create research and development (R&D) solutions to the Problem and Challenge Statements stated in this BAA, including those organizations that have ideas, expertise, resources, and/or funding to add to potential solutions.
Eligibility: Public, private, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations, as well as institutions of higher education, public international organizations, non-governmental organizations, U.S. and non-U.S. governmental organizations, multilateral and international donor organizations are eligible under this BAA. All organizations must be determined to be responsive to the BAA and sufficiently responsible to perform or participate in the final award type.
No SFU signature sheet is required. For more information on how to submit an expression of interest, please contact the agency at

Upcoming Deadlines