Team Grant, CCS/CIHR Cancer Survivorship Team Grants

The intent of this funding opportunity is to support new intervention research designed to mitigate the challenges experienced along the cancer survivorship journey, as well as the evaluation and validation of existing interventions to assess their potential for implementation as best practices. The maximum amount per grant is $500,000 per year for 5 years for a total of $2,500,000 per grant.

Eligibility: The Nominated Principal Applicant (NPA) must be appointed at an eligible institution. In addition to the NPA, the team must include at least two (2) other members identified as either Principal Applicants (PA) or Co-Applicants (Co-App), one of whom must be an Early Career Researcher (ECR). The team members, i.e. the NPA, PAs or co-Apps, must be drawn from three (3) different regions of Canada, Atlantic provinces Central Canada , Prairie Provinces, West Coast, and Territories. 



Two-step application process

May 29- Registration Deadline. No SFU signature sheet is required at this stage. Applicants (not ORS) submit registration directly to agency. See website for more information.

Sep 10- Application Deadline. SFU signature sheet, application signature pages, and copy of full application are due to no later than 3 business days before agency deadline. Institutional signatures are needed for both CIHR and CCS components of the application. Overhead is 0%.

Upcoming Deadlines