Other: Indigenous Gender and Wellness Development Grants

This funding opportunity is the second phase of a larger initiative on the topic of Indigenous Gender and Wellness. The first phase supported individuals to attend an Idea Fair and Learning Circle event in June of 2019 through a travel award. At the Idea Fair, Indigenous individuals and allies shared ideas on Indigenous gender and wellness with supporters to work together in growing ideas into potential projects. This second phase is intended to support those who attended the Idea Fair to continue working on and sharing their ideas, enabling them to develop relationships and plan for the following phase of funding, which is being planned to provide teams with resources to implement their ideas through action-oriented, community-based participatory projects that will improve wellness for Indigenous peoples from a gendered perspective.


For additional information, please visit the website.


*IMPORTANT: Before you apply, please read the details and requirements of the grant for which you are applying, as well as the agency's eligibility information. You are expected to fully understand these details when you submit your application.

*SFU signature sheet and copy of full application are due to ors@sfu.ca no later than 3 business days before agency deadline. Overhead is 0%. Applicants (not ORS) submit directly to agency via online portal.

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